Other Projects

A catch-all for projects that don’t fit the categories above. At the moment, this comprises my – fairly comprehensive but unfinished – Scanning Tunneling Microscope project, and modification instructions for an echo effect pedal for musicians.

Homebrew STM

If the idea idea of building a toy that can image individual atoms does not appeal to you, you will probably not find this site too exciting. I loved the idea of having such a device on my desk (or rather, suspended above the desk) ever since I learnt that STMs could be built with standard electronic components and without excessively complex approach and vibration damping systems.

This project is incomplete and has been in hibernation mode for many years. I am keeping the web pages online for documentation purposes – and in the hope that I will eventually revisit and complete the project!

DanEcho Mod

The DanEcho is a digital echo/delay effect pedal that was made by DanElectro. It comes in a very sturdy housing, is easy to use and hence popular with many musicians – including harp (that’s harmonica) players. Unfortunately, many harp players complain that the DanEcho “sucks the tone” from their playing.

This page describes how to optimize your DanEcho for use with high-impedance microphones, especially crystal or ceramic mics, as used by many blues harp players. It describes a simple modification to the DanEcho’s internal circuit board, using parts for about $3.