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The nerd’s wristwatch

This wristwatch displays the time on an original 1970s LED “bubble display”, as used in the early pocket calculators, and sports a beautifully prototypish breadboard look.

This is not my own design – the idea, circuit design, and firmware are by Inge P. from Norway. Inge has made a project description and his firmware source code and usage instructions available. Many thanks for a neat idea and implementation!

I just changed the build slightly, hiding the battery and charger right inside the breadboard instead of an additional 3D printed base. So this page has just a few photos, build notes, and the design files for my custom circuit boards.


White breadboard watch with wrist strap

The fully assembled watch. I changed Inge's component layout slightly, to make room for an upright button in the lower left, where I find it easier to reach.

Black breadboard watch

A black version, for the elegant nerd. ;-)

Milled-out breadboard and custom PCBs

The breadboard is milled out to make room for the battery. A custom base board will carry a LiPo battery and charger; two small stripboards will replace the breadboard's contact springs.

Opened watch and its power supply

The assembled power supply, ready to plug into the populated breadboard.

Build notes

Design files

If you want to build you own breadboard watch, please start with Inge’s original project description and his firmware source code and usage instructions. The files below just add my alternate layout for the charger circuit (on a PCB which doubles as the base plate) and for the small stripboards which replace the breadboard’s spring clips.