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STM Budget

Item Vendor Price/EURO Price/US$
Piezo tube scanner Sensor Technology 74 82
Brass for STM head Koch und Krupitzer 36 40
Machining of STM head Peter Eggerstedt 256 286
Fine-pitch screws and nuts New Focus 83 93
Import duties for screws UPS 22 24
Stepper motor Conrad 2 2
DSP evaluation board (Motorola DSP56002 EVM) Elektronikladen Detmold 175 195
Power supply components Simons 56 63
2 cases for electronics Simons 36 40
6 Op-amps OPA445 (40V) Schuricht 46 51
1 A/D converter MAX195 Maxim 0 0
2 D/A converters MAX542 Maxim 0 0
Low-bias op-amp OPA124 RS 10 11
diverse electronic components RS, Simons 72 80
Shareware “AudioTester” Ulrich Müller 26 30
LabView student edition Addison Wesley 56 63
HOPG samples Scanning Probes Inc 54 60
Tip wire (PtIr) Scanning Probes Inc 31 35
Total 1035 1155


Please note that all parts were bought around 1998, so prices will probably have changed. Prices in EURO are what I paid, including sales tax, shipping and import duties, if applicable. (Well, actually they are converted from Deutsche Mark prices, which was our currency back then.) The US$ prices are for orientation only; they are merely the EURO prices multiplied by 1.12 - the approximate exchange rate at the time of purchase.

The mechanics turned out to cause a substantial part of the cost. You can probably get away much cheaper with a more improvised setup (which I did not dare, since I found the expected mechanical stability most difficult to judge). Better yet - enlist someone with a lathe and mill in the project…

I obtained free samples of the Maxim A/D and D/A converters. The MAX195 would have been about EUR 45 (US$ 50) in single quantities; I don’t know about the MAX542, but would guess another EUR 45 for two of them.